• Lingyin Temple
  • Lingyin Temple
  • Lingyin Temple
  • Lingyin Temple
Lingyin Temple
Name in Chinese :灵隐寺
Opening Hours:07:00~18:15
Admission Fee:45 RMB for Scenic Area of Peak Flying From Afar; 30 RMB for Lingyin Temple
Telephone:+86 571 87968665
Address:No. 1 Fayun Alley


Lingyin Temple was built in 326 AD and is one of the oldest temples and most significant ancient Buddhist temple in Hangzhou. The temple is nestled in a remote forested valley between the Peak Flying From Afar and Northern Peak, west of the West Lake.

According to local legend, Master Huili (326-334 AD), a Buddhist monk from Western India, was the founder of the Lingyin Temple. He travelled from the central plains to the Zhejiang area during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 AD-420 AD) and was touched by the spiritual nature of the scenery. Following the belief that a Buddhist needs to choose a peaceful and restful place in order to preach, Master Huili constructed a temple here and named it "Ling Yin (Temple of the Soul's Retreat). From that moment, Buddhism began to spread in Hangzhou. Throughout its long history, the temple has experienced fires, wars and many other accidents, but nevertheless it has survived and been renovated each time. During the Qing Dynasty (1644 AD-1911AD), when Emperor Qianlong was traveling through southern China, he bestowed the name ”Yunlin Chansi” (云林禅寺) upon this temple. Yunlin Chansi was renamed as “Lingyin Temple” by later generations, and since then it has become an essential part of “Ten Scenes of the West Lake”.

Today, Lingyin Temple still displays its mysterious Buddhism charm to thousands of visitors. There are nine buildings, 18 pavilions, 72 halls and more than 3000 monks in Lingyin Temple. With its numerous exquisite Buddhist clay sculptures, Lingyin Temple appeals to tens of thousands of pilgrims and visitors every year.

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