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  • China Hubi Museum
  • China Hubi Museum
  • China Hubi Museum
China Hubi (Huzhou Writing Brush) Museum
Name in Chinese :中国湖笔博物馆
Opening Hours:8:00--11:00;1:30--4:30
Admission Fee:Free
Address:Lianhuazhuang Road, Huzhou


The Huzhou writing brush, Hui ink, Xuan paper and Duan ink slab are the four traditional Chinese treasures in stationery, and are significant representatives of Chinese traditional culture.

The China Hubi (Huzhou Writing Brush) Museum plays an important role in promulgation and education of traditional Chinese culture. The exhibitions reveal one part of the succession and evolution of Chinese cultural history. The great works of masters of past dynasties on display also attract many art lovers, and now the museum has become an esteemed place for learning about art.

Open since September 2001, the China Hubi Museum is located in Lianhuazhuang Road in Huzhou. The buildings are of ancient architectural styleswith traditional Chinese cornices and flying-edged roofs.

The museum integrates the relics display, the production process, a high quality products display and gift shop. The exhibition is divided into 7 themes: the history of Huzhou writing brushes, the display of relics, the exhibits of craftworks, the production process introduction, the live craft show, the display of Huzhou writing brushes and the gift shop selling writing brushes from Wangyipin Zhaizhuang, Shanlian Huzhou factory and other famous producers.

In the Huzhou writing brush& personalities hall, there are more than 80 exhibits of calligraphy and paintings by notable persons on display, including the writing brushes once used by Chairman Mao.