Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Hengdian World Studio Two-Day Tour

Hengdian World Studio was established in 1996 for the epic film The Opium War. In the last two decades, Hengdian Group invested more than 3 billion RMB into the construction projects of the studio. It now has 13 shooting bases on the themes of different backgrounds and two super size production studios. This is the largest film and TV shooting base in the world and is regarded as Hollywood in China.

Day 1 Hangzhou -> Hengdian

The bus to Dongyang Hengdian World Studio will depart at half past seven in the morning. The first site to visit will be Cantonese Street, the original part of the studio. Cantonese Street was built as the scene for the film The Opium War. The street reproduces the look of the streets in Guangzhou in the nineteen century.


After lunch, you will visit the reproduction of the Forbidden City. This is the shooting spot for many popular Qing Palace dramas. Visitors can watch an interactive scenic play of Qing Gong Mi Xi in the palace.


Stay at the hotel at Hengdian for the night.

Day 2 Hengdian -> Hangzhou

After breakfast, you can visit the The Riverside Scene in Pure Brightness (Qing Ming He Shang Tu), which is constructed in accordance to the famous painting of Zhang Zeduan. The scenes reproduced the life and society in the Song Dynasty. The live show of Bianliang Dream will be on there.

After lunch, you will visit the grand Qin Palace. Si Hai Gui Yi Hall, the main building of the palace, is 44.8 meters in height. The magnificence of the palace spreads the grandeur and ambition of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. Many films were shot in this palace, including The Heroes, The Emperor and The Assassin, etc.  

The bus will leave for Hangzhou in the afternoon.