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  • Haining Leather City
  • Haining Leather City
  • Haining Leather City
  • Haining Leather City
Haining Leather City
Name in Chinese :海宁皮革城
Opening Hours:08:30-17:00
Admission Fee:
Telephone:+86 573 87010001
Address:No. 201, Haizhou West Road, Haining City, Jiaxing City


The city of Haining is home to the country’s largest leather industry. Located in the southern region of the Yangtze River Delta, near Hangzhou and Shanghai, Haining has many convenient facilities and large markets and has greatly developed its leather industry. The high quality leather has earned it the name of "Leather Capital of China". In 1994, the Haining Leather City was opened as the largest leather shopping center in Asia. Since then Haining has become a special leather market and a National AAAA Tourism Scenic Spot.

Haining Leather City covers an area of 160,000 sq m. The main part consists of four sections – on the first floor visitors can buy suitcases and leather ware, the second floor leather clothing, the third floor furs and luxury leather ware and the fourth floor the catering center. There were more than 5,000 business rooms in total.

In 2007, Haining launched the second stage of its plan to build a leather business empire, which included China Jeans Town, Shoes Square, the Street of Food and Drink and the Relaxation Square. The industry in Haining is growing towards the integration of design, production and marketing with shopping and tourism.  The more than 2,000 leather companies located in Leather City for both brand-name and ordinary leather and fur products make shopping the main purpose for visiting Haining.

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