Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Haimen Old Street
  • Haimen Old Street
  • Haimen Old Street
  • Haimen Old Street
Haimen Old Street
Name in Chinese :海门老街
Opening Hours:24 hours
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently
Address:near No.35 Xintang Road


One of the best kept secrets, few apart from the old Haimen people know this old street which witnessed the ups and downs of Taizhou over a period of a hundred years. retaining architectural styles from different periods. Towards its north lie many European style buildings, while in the south are those with Ming, Qing and Republic of China era elements, together endowing the street with a distinctive aesthetic.


The location of the famous “Little Shanghai”, the stone-paved road of the street is not very long, and is adorned with beautiful carved lanterns. As the starting point of Jiaojiang food, it bears much similarity to Shanghai’s City God Temple for the Jiaojiang people. Although some of the buildings were destroyed over time, after restoration efforts the old street appears to have been reborn, waiting for a new wave of visitors to arrive.


Delicious food from all over China can be found at restaurants and food outlets of every scale; ginger noodles, bean noodles, black rice, fried glutinous pudding, fish noodles, egg cakes feature prominently and are big favorites. Haijinyuan Restaurant is known for serving Linhai and Huangyan Bendizao tangerines, Yuhuan pomelos, Sanmen green crabs, Xianju Sanhuang chicken, Wenling hens, Dachen seafood, chicken and Changtan fathead fish.