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F2 International Go Karts, Hangzhou
Name in Chinese :国际赛车馆
Opening Hours:01:00 pm - 01:00 am from Monday to Thursday; 12:00 pm – 01:00 am from Friday to Sunday
Admission Fee:60 RMB per 6 minutes
Telephone:+86 571 28026600
Address:7/F, Building C, Hangzhou Car Market, No. 589, Shixiang Road


Want to experience the same excitement as depicted in the film “Fast and Furious”? Then head to F2 International Go Karts, Hangzhou, and you are on the right track. The kart racing venue is among the best in the world and has been noted as being “Asia’s Number One and the World’s Number Two” by the world’s professional racing car magazine “Karting” and has been quoted as being “the Safest Kart Racing Venue” by European Lifestyle Magazine “VOOM”.

F2 International Go Karts, Hangzhou, covers an area of approximately 6000 sq m with 450 sq m of that dedicated to its race track which has a total length of 620 meters with 14 turns. Both the asphalt used to pave the track and the karts are imported from abroad. The karts are open roadsters without a deceleration windshield which makes the rider feel like he or she is traveling at two or even three times faster than the actual speed, especially at the turns of the track where a special over-speed reaction is produced by transverse acceleration, three or four times greater than gravity.

F2 International Go Karts, Hangzhou, is equipped with German patented crash barriers for track safety and is also fitted with a racer remote control and station system from Holland. In addition, free helmets are provided and with a high level of safety, riders can fully enjoy the full throttle of racing to their hearts content.

Besides kart racing one can also play billiards, video games and indoor live CS (laser tag) or enjoy a drink or two in the venue’s bar.