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  • Gaoqian Ancient Residence
  • Gaoqian Ancient Residence
  • Gaoqian Ancient Residence
  • Gaoqian Ancient Residence
Gaoqian Ancient Residence
Name in Chinese :高迁古民居
Opening Hours:08:00 –18:00
Admission Fee:35 RMB
Telephone:+86 576 8779 6878
Address:Baita Town, Xianju County, Taizhou


Gaoqian Ancient Residence Group, located in the Baita Town, Xianju County, is well-preserved from Yuan Dynasty, and still retains the old styles of the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty. It has the similar pattern with the Hall of Supreme Harmony, including 13 houses but only 11 of which is retained. Each of them is built with the sturdy structure and is decorated with the different styles, giving a sense of concision and elegance. The most renowned thing here is the exquisite stone or wood carvings on the windows, which is the concentration of the Chinese traditional residences’ sculpture art, full of visual and study values. Especially, all kinds of stories are vividly told through the animal and flower wood carving, leaving a deep impression on tourists.

Gaoqian Ancient Residence used to be the gathering place of Family Wu, the Jiangnan distinguished family in the ancient times. It is recorded that the family, dated back to Ying Qing, a official during the period of Five Dynasties, has produced many prominent figures in history, such as Wu Fei, the official in Northern Song Dynasty, Wujian, the official in Southern Song Dynasty, Wushi, an official in Ming Dynasty, and so on. Here, the villagers are kind and hospitable, and the folk customs and habits still be passed down from predecessors, such as spinning, lacing, weaving, worshipping.