• Daming Mountain
  • Daming Mountain
  • Daming Mountain
  • Daming Mountain
Daming Mountain
Name in Chinese :大明山
Opening Hours:24 hours
Admission Fee:110 RMB
Telephone: (0571)63709588
Address:Baiguo Village, Southwest of Lin'an


Daming Mountain is located 70km from Yellow Mountain. The highest spot of Daming Mountain is at an altitude of 1,489.9 meters. There are 32 peaks, 13 valleys, 8 waterfalls and 3 alpine meadows in this area. The drop from the top of the mountain to the deep valley is more than a thousand kilometers.


The high mountains and deep valleys make up a splendid picture of the landscape. The geographic conditions and the climate of Daming Mountain are similar to those in Yellow Mountain. The mountains in the dark hue reflect the spirit of Chinese monochromes. Grotesque rocks, strangely-shaped pines, sea clouds and forests are the most distinguish features in Daming Mountain. The mountains over 1,400 meters and three mountainous basins 1,100 above the sea level form from the metamorphic sand shale and volcanic rocks. Creeks flow in the mountainous basins and form waterfalls in a variety patterns and forms when reaching the granitic layer. In the spring and autumn, the mountains are covered in the sea of clouds and mists. The wonderful alpine meadows present a sharp contrast to the peaks and valleys. The sheer cliffs are as steep as to be split by axes. The affluent water in the mountainous area nourishes the plants all over the mountains. Creeks pour down from the cliffs and form waterfalls. Longmen Waterfall, a five folded waterfall running against the bluff, is the most splendid waterfall in this area.

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