Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

The Buddhist Journey

Blessed with a wealth of varied landscapes well-known throughout China, Zhejiang attracts many tourists. The natural landscapes, rich cultural and historical heritage, which complement and enrich each other, makes Zhejiang province noted from home and abroad.

Day 1 Shaoxing -> Tiantai

This morning, you will be driven to Shaoxing. After that you will take a gander at the Great Buddha Temple. The old temple has a history of more than 1600 years and originates from the  Nan Dynasty. It is famous for the stone Maitreya (Sanskrit) image which is the greatest Buddha portrait in the south of Yangtze River. After having lunch you will be transferred to Tiantai. After that you will pay a visit to Guoqing Temple, which is the birthplace of the Tiantai Sect of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Buddhism and one of China′s most famous and best preserved temples.

Day 2 Tiantai -> Linhai

This morning you will have a look at the magnificent Shiliang Waterfall. Taste Chinese lunch at local restaurant at 12:30pm.

In the afternoon, you will go to Zhizhe Pagoda Courtyard, where you will listen to the story of Master Zhizhe who was the initiator of the Tiantai Sect of China Buddhism. You will be transferred to Linhai by private car.

Day 3 Tiantai -> Linhai

After enjoying your breakfast you will visit Linhai Ancient Great Wall, which was built in Eastern Jin Dynasty (316–420) and reputed as the Great Wall of South China. Actually the Great Wall of China in Beijing was modeled after the Great Wall of LinHai. After having lunch you will be transferred to Hangzhou. Upon your arrival, you will be dropped off at your hotel.