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  • baizhang waterfall
  • baizhang waterfall
Baizhang Waterfall
Name in Chinese :百丈瀑
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:50 Yuan/person
Telephone:No Information Currently
Address:Daruoyan Scenic Area, Fu'an Village, Daruoyan Town, Nanxi River, Yongjia County永嘉县楠溪江大若岩镇府岸村大若岩景区


To feel the liveliness of the Nanxi River (楠溪江), in addition to taking a bamboo raft to swim in the river, you can also go deep into the mountains and forests to find the lively waterfalls hidden in the mountains, and the Baizhang Waterfall is a representative of them. 

For locals, Baizhang Waterfall is a unique scene along Nanxi River. The 128-meter-high waterfall pours down from the high cliff, and its shape is strange and changeable. When approaching it, you can clearly feel the strong air current formed by the cascading waterfall and standing there soaking in the rain, it is very cool.