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  • Baizhang Pond Scenic Area
  • Baizhang Pond Scenic Area
  • Baizhang Pond Scenic Area
  • Baizhang Pond Scenic Area
Baizhang Pond Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :百丈潭景区
Opening Hours:07:30 –17:00
Admission Fee:60 RMB
Telephone:+ 86 579 8475 8299
Address:Shixia Village, Renchuan Town, Pan’an County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province


Baizhang Pond Scenic Area, located upstream of Longxi River, South of Pan’an County, is a National AAAA Level tourist area and the first group of ecotourism areas. Thirty kilometers away from the Pan’an Couty, the scenic area collects all kinds of natural resources, layers of falls, grotesque stones, crooked creeks and deep caves.

In the scenic area, odd shaped stones, plunging waterfalls, scattered rocks, and green lakes and ponds shine through the light that leaks out the rolling hills. The scenery is so beautiful that a poem has been produced to describe it. "Peaceful ponds are given birth by the torrential waterfalls, and grotesque stones are bred by perilous hills." There are more than ten attractions in the scenic area, such as Baizhang Three-stepped Waterfall, Suspended Plank Road, Dragon King Temple, Cascade Station, Wukeng Gallery, Cannon Rock, Cat King Rock, One-hundred-step Hill and so on. Among these beautiful attractions, the most famous is the Baizhang Three-stepped Waterfall which is reputed as the best waterfall of Jiangnam. Three falls in a row makes great sound and diffused water mist, and standing against the sun, you are lucky to appreciate a fairyland with a hanging rainbow.

It is hard to see haze in Baizhang Pond Scenic Area because of the 90% high forest coverage that keeps the air quality to a high standard. The content of negative oxygen ions is 36,000 per cubic centimeter on average and 86,000 per cubic centimeter at most. As well as the excellent air quality, the suitable weather and the average temperature of 25 Celsius degrees here also prove that the scenic area is a comfortable place to take a rest and go sightseeing.