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  • Aoduoqi Farm
  • Aoduoqi Farm
  • Aoduoqi Farm
  • Aoduoqi Farm
Aoduoqi Farm
Name in Chinese :澳多奇农庄
Opening Hours:08:00 –17:00
Admission Fee:25 RMB
Telephone:+86 573 8594 3049
Address:Majiu Village, Caoqiao Street, Pinghu City, Jiaxing


Pinghu Aoduoqi Farm is located at the north exit of the Sea-crossing Bridge, abutting Shanghai and close to Hangzhou Bay, Zhapu Port-Jiaxing-Jiangsu Highway. It takes less than 30 minutes’ drive to get to many famous attractions, such as South Lake, Haiyan South-north Lake, Jiulong Mountain Scenic Area, Mo Manor. It has experienced two constructions. The first started in 2002 and took nearly one year to finish, and the second started in August, 2008 and finished in September, 2009. Until now, the farm, covering an area of 156 thousand sq. m., has been investigated 18,000,000 RMB and has 18 attractions open. It becomes an ecological farm, collecting ecological cultivation, leisure sightseeing, catering service and science education.

Instructed with the concept of scientific development, the farm tries to harmonize the development of the human beings and the protection of the environment. Thus, it has wined many reputations, for instance, “National AAA Level Scenic Area”, “National Scientific Education Base”, “Zhejiang Provincial Ecological Environment Education Demonstration Base” and so on. As the activity base for surrounding schools and children, it can be good enough to cultivate children’s senses of independence and outdoor survival skills.

In addition, the equipment and the services have been improved increasingly. For example, there is a picnic area, which can hold 600 people. Here, you can experience cooking wild rice on your own and experience the same hard life as the North Shanxi Red Army's in Nanni Bay.