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Ant Island
Name in Chinese :蚂蚁岛
Opening Hours:08:00 –17:00
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:+86 580 6667 580
Address:amidst the Golden Triangle Scenic Area, Putuo District, Zhoushan City


Ant Island is the smallest island in Zhoushan Archipelago and gets the cute name for its overview from the height of vision, which resembles a little ant in the vast East Sea. Located in the southeast of the Zhoushan Archipelago, it neighbors the Peach Blossom Island described by Jin Yong and is 6.5 nautical miles away from Shen Jia Men Fishing Port.

At the beginning of the liberation, the life here was quite hard but didn’t overwhelm the villagers. The first People’s Commune in China was founded here in September of 1958, and since then, the island became the model of rural arduous pioneer, which made the village be a celebrity in the 1950s and 1960s. Nowadays, the villagers don’t abandon the precious spirit of the former generations. All kinds of industries about shrimps have been set up here and make the village the biggest shrimp market in Zhejiang. Besides that, the villagers also own a fisherman leisure culture square covering a nearly-four-thousand-square-meter area for leisure and sightseeing.

Ant Island holds a unique burial culture that all the deaths are buried in the little Ant Island beside the main island. The narrow strait between the two is like the Styx in Dante’s work, but to a great extent, the separation of the living men with the deaths helps protect the ecological environment of the main island.