Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Mid-south Baicao Garden
  • Mid-south Baicao Garden
  • Mid-south Baicao Garden
  • Mid-south Baicao Garden
Mid-south Baicao Garden
Name in Chinese :中南百草原(园)
Opening Hours:08:00 -17:00
Admission Fee:150 RMB
Telephone:+86 572 5023 456
Address:Ma’an Mountain Village, Dipu Town, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Mid-south Baicao Garden, located amidst the Anji County, the beautiful village in China, is the national AAAA Level scenic area, and is listed in the cultivation of national AAAAA Level scenic area. It has wined many reputations, such as National Teenager Outdoor Activity Camp, one of Top Ten Farms in China, National Wildlife Protection Education Base and so on.

Covering a large area of 5,600 acres, 95 percent of which is dedicated to the vegetation, the garden is a natural green oxygen bar and the ecological epitome of Anji. It boasts many ecological resources, such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, seas of bamboo, and wildlife, and thus promotes the many side businesses that are perfectly combined with tourism. With the joint theme of vegetation, wildlife and sports, it is divided into seven functional areas, including Ecological Botanical Tourist Area, Wildlife Reproduction Area, Outdoor Sports Area, Huangpu River Source Wetland Drifting Area, Original Henon Bamboo Palace, Ecological Agricultural Demonstration Garden and Leisure Vacation Area. Until now, the scenic area has attracted more than one million people successively for six years, and became one of the ten most popular scenic areas.

Botanical World contains eight views, such as Bishui Chengxi (Clear Water and Morning Light) and Baicao Yinxue, and eighteen parks, including Camellia Sinensis Garden, Osmanthus Garden, Black Bamboo Garden, Picking Orchard and Henon Bamboo Forest. There are more than 2000 kinds of plants and more than 30 kinds of rare plants in the botanical world. In the Animal Kingdom, you can appreciate more than 150 animals, including 70 national rare wild animals, and all kinds of performances brought by the cute animals. For sports enthusiasts, Sports World provides more than 50 kinds of sports and events, including outdoor activities, forest rides, F1 Kartings, person CS, climbing, wetland drifting.

Besides these entertainments and sightseeing projects, it is also a paradise for the foodies, where local special cuisines leave you a deep impression.