• Zhejiang Science Museum
  • Zhejiang Science Museum
  • Zhejiang Science Museum
  • Zhejiang Science Museum
Zhejiang Science Museum
Name in Chinese :浙江省科技馆
Opening Hours:9:00 -17:00 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Admission Fee: 30 Yuan for adult, 20 Yuan for students
Telephone:4000406506; 0571-85090500
Address:West Lake Cultural Plaza, No.581 in Zhongshanbei Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City


Zhejiang Science Museum is located in the downtown West Lake Cultural Plaza. It’s open all year round. With an area of 30,000 square meters, it boasts more than 300 exhibitions of 104 different varieties. Moreover, it’s in close proximity to the Zhejiang Natural Museum, which covers an area of 26,000 square meters and there are nearly 130,000 rare specimens in it.

Zhejiang Science Museum has 10 exhibition halls focusing on scientific fundamentals such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, and biology. They also cover more than 10 disciplinary fields like bioscience, environmental science, material science, space technology, energy technology and information technology, and so on, among which are the avant-garde exhibition items, traditional Chinese medicine and chemistry items.

These 10 exhibition halls are on three different floors with themes of “Human and Society”, “Human and technology” and “Science park.” The halls on the first floor help visitors learn about science and technology that promotes the development of our society. You can also learn about all the new technological achievements in robotics, biotechnology and energy technology, etc. on the second floor. The children’s technology hall is mainly for the youth to experience the fancy science.