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  • Zhalliaoxi Scenic Area
  • Zhalliaoxi Scenic Area
  • Zhalliaoxi Scenic Area
  • Zhalliaoxi Scenic Area
Zhailiaoxi Scenic area
Name in Chinese :寨寮溪风景名胜区
Opening Hours:7:00-17:00
Admission Fee:10-150 yuan
Address:Gaolou County, Rui'an Town, Wenzhou City


As a 4A level national scenic area, Zhailiaoxi Scenic area covers an area of 174.8 square kilometers. Comprised of nine attractions such as Jiuzhu Pool, Flower Peak, Jade Lady Valley and Jimen River, it’s endowed with limpid creeks, clear pools, grand cataracts, fantastic valleys and stones, luxuriant forests and tranquil caves. What’s more, there’re ancient temples, villages and revolutionary sites in this beautiful natural garden-lake scenic area. The Marvelous Zhailiao River, Splendid Flower Peak, Jimen Funny Bamboo Rafting and Jiuzhu Crystal Pool are four landmarks of it.

It boasts nearly 200 natural and cultural landscapes. Located in the Qingshan Mountain Valley, the Jiuzhu Pool looks like nine spectacular bright pearls which are connected with each other. With a high forest coverage rate of 95%, the national forest park – Flower Peak Scenic Area has lush vegetations and rich flora and fauna species. As a World Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Dongyuan Wooden Movable Type Printing is the only wooden movable type printing which we have retained and still use today. It can be considered as the living fossil of the world printing.

Jiuzhu Pool:

As a key attraction of Zhailiaoxi Scenic Area, Jiuzhu Pool is located in the Hangshan Village, Pingyang Keng Town which is near to the old No.56 Provincial Road. The Jiuzhu Pool is named after the nine pools in the Hangshan Gorge which are well-spaced in the three-hundred-meter valley. Looking far into the distance at the mountain top, the view that bright water flows from above to below looks like a winding white silk and a bunch of crystal emerald pearl. The pool is so limpid that you can easily see the cobbles in the bottom. The magnificent grand cataract takes a headlong plunge; water hit the rock and splashed from all directions. The fairy-tale gorge boasts miraculous peaks and lush forests. Above the Jiuzhu Pool are great mountains, Huanglong Cave, several pools and Shen’gui Lake which owns tall bamboos, luxuriant trees and gorgeous wild flowers. In the bottom of the mountain are villages with fairy-tale idyllic sceneries. 

Ticket: 25 yuan per person

Flower Rock Scenic Area:

With an area of 26.68 square kilometers, Flower Rock Scenic Area is also called as Jiutan Pool. It’s about 50 kilometers away from the downtown and has a high forest coverage rate of 98.9%. It not only has fresh air, ample forests but also breathtaking pools and waterfalls. Wonderful roaring waterfalls and well-proportioned and crystal-clear pools have contributed to the smashing landscape of it.

It’s also the plant kingdom and animal world in the south Zhejiang. There’re totally 908 kinds of vascular plants in the area. Among them are five national rare and endangered plants, namely, Cinnamomum micranthum, Chinese yew, Halesia macgregorii, Pinellia peltata and Parakmeria lotungensis, 420 various landscape plants and more than 60 wild fruit trees and vegetables. What’s more, there’re also many wild animals such as macaque, river deer, leopard, blue sheep and fallow deer in it, which have added delight and fun to the scenic spot.

Ticket: 50 yuan per person

Jimen River:

In the past, Jimen River (also called Yuquan River) was called as Zhixi River. Starting from the Yuhu Valley, it flows through Dongkeng and Yingqian and finally feeds into Feiyun River. As a branch of the Feiyun River, this winding river has a length of 11.5 kilometers and limpid water.

Jimen Funny Bamboo Rafting is one of the classical amusements of Zhailiaoxi Tourism. Sitting on the raft and floating downstream, you can enjoy the view of fantastic mountains, murmuring creeks, secluded villages and expansive lakes. Looking afar, you will witness the majestic mountains and fantastic rocks which have their own miraculous charms. With beautiful mountains and clear water adding radiance and charms to each other, you will enjoy the fun of rafting to the full. Known for its elegant mountains, spectacular rocks, curious caves and clear rivers, it’s also reputed as the No.1 Rafting Amusement in Zhejiang and Fujian.

Ticket: 150 yuan per person

Dongyuan wooden movable type printing:

As the only wooden movable type printing culture village in China, Dongyuan Culture Village is located in Gaolou Town, Ruian City. The wooden movable type printing was created by the ancestor Wang famao to compile the genealogy. With a long history of 670 years, it has been inherited by twenty generations.

The exhibition hall of wooden movable type printing was built in 2003. Covering an area of 1620 square meters, its structure area is 668 square meters. The exhibition hall has an office, a reception room, and an exhibition hall wooden movable type printing process demonstration room which fully shows the whole operation process of wooden movable type printing.

The Dongyuan wooden movable type printing is the only wooden movable type printing which we have retained and still use today. Considered as the living fossil of the world printing, it’s been rated as the national Intangible Cultural Heritage by the State Council. In September, 2010, it was ranked the human intangible cultural heritage which needs urgent protection by the UN. As the best proof of the fact that the movable type printing is created by Chinese, it’s completely recreated the operation scene of movable type printing which is one of the four ancient Chinese inventions.

Ticket: 10 yuan per person