Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Yueqing Ximen Island
  • Yueqing Ximen Island
  • Yueqing Ximen Island
Yueqing Ximen Island National Marine Special Reser
Name in Chinese :乐清西门岛国家级海洋特别保护区
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information recently
Address:Yandang Town,Yueqing County


Located in the north of Yueqing, Yandang Town, it has a perimeter of 10 kilometers and is home to the northernmost mangrove forest of China. With 37 kinds of reef species and 92 kinds of pelochthium like sinonovacula constricta, Cardiidae, Moerella irideseens and Cerithidea cingulata, it’s a superexcellent place to taste seafood. You can also take a cycling around the island with the tandem bicycles provided by the Ximendao park, play the funny mud-fight game in Mud theme Park and pick up shells, catch crabs, clams and shrimps which will remind you of the youth~

Suggestions: It’s only 10 kilometers from the AAAAA level scenic spot – Yandang Mountain. If you come to visit the Yandang Mountain, don’t forget the delicious seafood here. The freshly-caught seafood will taste extremely appetizing even when it’s just simply boiled.