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  • Tongpan Island
  • Tongpan Island
  • Tongpan Island
  • Tongpan Island
Tongpan Island Provincial Marine Special Reserve
Name in Chinese :瑞安铜盘岛省级海洋特别保护区
Opening Hours:Not opened yet
Admission Fee:
Telephone:No information recently
Address:Beilong Village, Ruian County


There is an island shaped like a circular plate 15 sea miles (27.78km) from Ruian, which explains its name “Tongpan (Copper Pan Island)”. It’s reputed as “the Island Park” on account of its fantastic rocks, zigzagging coastline and peculiar marine abrasion landform. It has not only wonderful natural sceneries such as blue sea, magnificent mountains and more than 30 sea caves, but also sublime cultural landscapes like the historical sites of batteries in the Ming dynasty and the bittersweet spring. There is an expansive natural beach with soft sand on it. The sunrise on the sea is an awesome sigh and Santong Cave is the best place to enjoy the marvelous sea views~

Suggestions: The Tongpan Island has only 35 residents on it. The power supply and mobile phone signal are not so good, and it’s lack of drinkable water. Because of the poor infrastructure, it was still not open to the public yet.