• Tongjun Mountain
  • Tongjun Mountain
  • Tongjun Mountain
  • Tongjun Mountain
Tongjun Mountain
Name in Chinese :桐君山
Opening Hours:8:00-16:30
Admission Fee:10 Yuan
Address:Tonglu County, Hangzhou City


Located in the confluence of Tongjiang River and Fenshui River, Tongjun Mountain is on the opposite side of Tonglu Downtown. It was called as Little Golden Mountain and Jade Mountain in the past.


With an elevation of 60 meters, it boasts limpid ponds, crystal lakes, luxuriant forests, and straight bamboo. It borders deep valleys and rolling mountains in the back and expansive and endless fields in the front. It is endowed with fascinating landscapes composed of rushing rivers and precipitous topography. As one of the famous historical sites along the Fuchunjiang River, it’s also a renowned attraction of the national scenic spot “Fuchunjiang River- Xin’anjiang River- Qaindao Lake.” It has lots of charming attractions such as Tongjun Temple, Zhangxun Temple, White Tower, Siwang Pavilion, and Phoenix Pavilion.