• Tianmu Mountain
  • Tianmu Mountain
  • Tianmu Mountain
  • Tianmu Mountain
Tianmu Mountain
Name in Chinese :天目山
Opening Hours:Peak Times: 7:00–17:00 Off Peak Times: 8:00–17:00
Admission Fee:Peak Times: 140RMB Off Peak Times: 140RM
Telephone:+86 571 6385 7361
Address:Tianmu Scenic Area, Tianmushan Town, Lin’an City, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Tianmu Mountain, also known as “Well-known Canopy,” is the central attraction in the golden tour itineraries from Hangzhou to Huang Mountain, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is only a 1-hour drive from Hangzhou urban district. Chanyuan Temple (the ashram of Wei Tuo Bodhisattva) stands atop the main peak, Xianren Peak, which is 1506 meters high. With its gracefull hills and stunning valleys, the Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area has been the World Biosphere Reserve and National Nature Reserve because of its beautiful scenery, ancient towering trees, sequestered environment, and pleasant weather. It is highly acclaimed, and you may hear it called many names iuncluding National Popular Science Communication Base and National Youth Science and Technology Education Base, Treasury of Species Genes, Natural Botanic Garden and Kingdom of Great Tree.
Tianmu Mountain is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and its geographic environment, lush forests and fresh air make it an excellent environment for relaxing, vacationing and travelling. 

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Transportation Information:

Air: Xiao Mountain Airport –Hangzhou Round City Highway –Huizhou-Hangzhou Highway –Zaoxi Export –Zaotian Road –Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area

Railway: Hangzhou Railway Station –the western city –Hangzhou Round City Highway –Huizhou-Hangzhou Highway –Zaoxi Export –Zaotian Road –Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area

Public Bus: Hangzhou West Railway Station(Hanglong Hub) –(take K598) –Lin’an –Yuqian –Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area

Self Drive: Line one: Hangzhou Round City Highway –Huizhou-Hangzhou Highway –Zaoxi Export –Zaotian Road –Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area

Line two: Huang Mountain –Huizhou-Hangzhou Highway –Zaoxi Export –Zaotian Road –Tianmu Mountain Scenic Area

Climate and the Best Time for Travelling: Tianmu Mountain is located in the southeast of China, facing Xi Lake in the east, bordering Huang Mountain in the west, abutting on Anji County in the north and watching Qiandao Lake. It has large shaded areas, ancient trees towering to the sky, four distinct seasons and pleasant weather. The best time to travel is from April to November.

Related Attraction Introduction

Scenic Name: Chanyuan Temple

Ticket Information: Peak Times: 20RMB        Off Peak Times: 20RMB

Opening Hours: Peak Times: 7:00–17:00    Off Peak Times: 8:00–17:00

Scenic Introduction: 

Chanyuan Temple is the traceable ashram of Weituo Boddhisattva and one of the most famous temples in Zhejiang Province. It is surrounded by mountains and quiet and beautiful scenes. Generations of monks that belong to Linji Religion to Ancient Japan have lived here. During the war with the Japanese, Zhejiang No.1 Middle School was relocated here. Later, Zhejiang University was moved here, and in 1939 Zhou Enlai delivered a speech about anti-Japanese united front in the Baizi Hall of the temple.