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  • The Butterfly Maze Theme Park
  • The Butterfly Maze Theme Park
  • The Butterfly Maze Theme Park
  • The Butterfly Maze Theme Park
The Butterfly Maze Theme Park
Name in Chinese :蝴蝶迷宫主题乐园
Opening Hours:9:00-16:30
Admission Fee:Adult Ticket: CNY 90, Discount Ticket: CNY 45 (for children between 1.1 meters and 1.4 meters, and seniors over 70 years old), Free of charge for children under 1.1 meters
Address:Sunhu Lake Tourist Resort, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City


Located in the Sunhu Lake Tourist Resort, the Butterfly Maze Theme Park opened on April 22nd. As an integrated tourist project, it consists of competitive entertainment, developmental games, parent–child interaction play and educational programs. There are more than 10 amusement programs, which are divided into four theme areas, namely, Family interaction Area, Butterfly Maze Area, Recreation Area and Flower Viewing Area. What’s more, it’s the first Maze Theme Park in China.

With the main focus on family entertainment, the park has the Butterfly Array and Stone Circle, which are beneficial to the intellectual development of teenagers. It also has opened up a VR-experiencing hall to add more delight and fun to your visit.

The architect has incorporated sculptures, fountains and many mysterious heroes such as Cupid the God of Love, Poseidon the God of sea, Athena the Goddess of wisdom, and a Taurus Guard into the design of the maze. These features will definitely make you feel like that you’re travelling around the miraculous Western mythological world during your “adventure.” In addition, the entire maze is designed in a shape of two butterflies and this design inspiration is taken from the Liang-Zhu culture. With flower-hedges as the walls, the maze has combined the sea of flowers with butterflies, which will make tourists mistakenly feel that they’re in a fairy flower world.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze are the three routes, each more difficult than the last. Moreover, the sculptures and fountains not only play a role in the landscape they also serve as the key nodes of the maze where tourists can enjoy unparalleled and distinctive experiences.

There will be large-scale Maze Challenge carried out after opening, which allows maze enthusiasts to pursue breakthroughs and challenge themselves. Furthermore, it helps the Butterfly Maze be a leader of maze culture in Ningbo and even in China.