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  • Snow Mountain Happy Valley
  • Snow Mountain Happy Valley
  • Snow Mountain Happy Valley
  • Snow Mountain Happy Valley
Snow Mountain Happy Valley
Name in Chinese :宁海浙东第一尖滑雪场
Opening Hours:8:00-19:00
Admission Fee:173yuan/8hours
Telephone: 0574-59995999
Address:Yezhukeng Village,Shenzhen Town, Ninghai District, Ningbo City


The No.1  Mountain of Eastern Zhejiang
Located at the mountain top of No. 1 Mountain of Eastern Zhejiang in Ninghai County, Snow Mountain Happy Valley is the skiing recreational tourism base of Ningbo. With an elevation of 954 meters, it’s one of the largest ski resorts with the best-equipped facilities in East China. It features an elementary skiing slope, a wavy skiing slope, an exciting dry ski slope, a small practice slope and a children's skiing training base to meet the needs of ski enthusiasts of different levels.
Main Recreational Activities:
1. Dry Ski
Dry Ski, also known as Four Seasons Ski, is a way of snow-free skiing. Compared with the roller-skating, it’s more real. Using the same skiing skills and skiing tools as the real ski, it’s been a replacement to satisfy the interests of skiing enthusiasts when they’re in southern cities or snow-free seasons.

2. Grass Skiing
 Grass skiing is an avant-garde sport, which, like skiing, gives skiers dynamic and exciting feelings, but is more entertaining than skiing and from which, skiers can better experience the harmony between humanity and nature. Grass skiing needs a larger activity venue which even occupies the entire hillside. You can not only feel the speed as fast as the wind but also appreciate the beauty of nature at the same time.

3. Sightseeing Cable Car
People can take the 2000-meter-long cable car in the World Wooden Village directly to the 3000-square meter UFO Hall which is located in the ski resort at the top of the mountain. Along the way, looking through the cable car window, you can enjoy the rolling mountains and bamboo forest covering the whole mountain, smell the unique wild flowers fragrance and hear a variety of birds’ cheerful chirping.

Tel: +86 574 59995999
Tickets: 35 yuan; the cable round trip: 90 yuan
Opening hours: 08: 30-16: 30