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  • Shimen Cave
  • Shimen Cave
  • Shimen Cave
  • Shimen Cave
Shimen Cave
Name in Chinese :石门洞
Opening Hours: Summer (March 1 - October 31): 7: 30-17: 30 Winter (November 1 - February 28): 8: 00-17: 00
Admission Fee: 60 yuan
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Lishui, Zhejiang Province


Located in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, Shimen Cave is composed of Shimen Waterfall, Bowen Nostalgia, Lucky Valley, Prince Holy Land, Sea of Grass and other attractions. As an AAAA-level scenic spot and national forest park, it owns a land area of 25.6 square kilometers. What’s more, with its long history and profound cultures, it’s been reputed as the “Best Attraction in Eastern Wu (Eastern Wu is one of the three major states in the Three Kingdoms period and occupies most of eastern China)” since the ancient times.

Shimen cave boasts elegant sceneries and a tranquil environment. Dragon and Tiger Mountain, the entrance of the Shimen Waterfall, is a treasure land which is blessed with luxuriant forests, countless cultural relics, wonderful cataracts and pleasant climates. It can be regarded as a "cave fairyland" with the characteristics of being peaceful, quiet, spiritual, ancient, fantastic, dangerous, wild and interesting.

It’s not only rich in ancient cultural relics such as primitive mountain villages, secluded ancient temples and historical Taoist abbeys, but also endowed with amazing waterfall groups, magnificent ups and downs of the mountains, graceful winding Oujiang and its tributaries, lush and expansive forests, rare alpine meadows, varied mountain climates, odd and dangerous caves and abundant wild animal and plant resources.

There are various breathtaking waterfalls with disparate characters here. Pouring down from the 1125-meter cliff, the cataract resembles a white silk when viewed from afar, and looks like bouncing beads and silver mist when water splashing on the ground. In addition, next to it stands towering stiffs, layers of rocks and luxuriant trees.