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  • Anchang Ancient Town
  • Anchang Ancient Town
  • Anchang Ancient Town
  • Anchang Ancient Town
Shaoxing Anchang Ancient Town
Name in Chinese :绍兴安昌古镇
Opening Hours:08:00—17:00
Admission Fee:35 RMB
Address:No.47 Village Road, Anchang Ancient Road, Shaoxing City


As one of the four famous ancient towns in Shaoxing, Anchang has retained the classical Jiangnan water town style. With a narrow strip of water across the town, it’s primitive but elegant. It boasts the specialties such as Anchang sausage and sugar strips which are renowned far and wide. What’s more, the characteristic water-town wedding here is extremely attractive.

This is also the hometown of Shaoxing Assistant. The most distinctive part of it is the bridge. There will always be a festival in the twelfth lunar month. You can choose to go to this town during this time. Compared to other well-known ancient towns, this is indeed the living ancient town which can satisfy your expectations of ancient towns.

In fact, the whole Shaoxing is miraculously beautiful in winter. The Lanting Pavilion and Shenyuan Garden in the snow are wonderful places to chant poetry and paint paintings. Sitting in the Wupeng boats while viewing the floating snow above the East Lake, you will experience the unique leisurely mood of the Jiangnan water town. 

Or, you can just ramble around the Cangqiao street block and Bazi Bridge to enjoy the snow-covered Shaoxing ancient city.

Address: No.47 Village Road, Anchang Ancient Road, Shaoxing City