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  • Sandu Wonderland Scenic Area
  • Sandu Wonderland Scenic Area
  • Sandu Wonderland Scenic Area
  • Sandu Wonderland Scenic Area
Sandu Wonderland Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :三都胜境风景区
Opening Hours:7:00—17:00
Admission Fee:40 yuan
Address:Wuning town, Dongyang County, Jinhua City


Located in Wuning town, Dongyang County, Jinhua City, Sandu Wonderland Scenic Area is commonly known as "The Dragon Head Ravine". As a provincial scenic area, it’s five kilometers from the downtown. It’s blessed with fantastic landscapes including towering cliffs, odd rocks, deep caves and plunging cataracts. Regarded as the "No.1 Jiangnan Cave", it’s a famous tourist attraction which is favorable for travelling all the year round.

Composed of the Sandu Wonderland, Pingyan Cave, Lanting Pavilion and Guanding Temple Scenic Spots, it totally boasts 98 landscapes and an annual tourist amount of about one hundred thousand. The Jinsi Ravine is the most popular. It’s a rock crevice from the mountaintop to the foot with a width of one meter and an unfathomable depth. It’s said that even spreading the five hundred grams’ silk can’t reach the bottom. Hence, it’s named as the "Jinsi Ravine". Visitors often throw cobbles or firecrackers into it to listen to the reverberation.

Sandu Wonderland Scenic Area was formerly called as "Dragon Pool Cave" in the eighth year reign of Emperor Yizong of the Tang Dynasty (AD 867). At that time, residents raised funds to set up the Shennong Statue (Patron of Agriculture) to wish for abundant harvests of all crops and being well throughout the year. According to legends, there was a severe drought in the ancient times. Shennong felt people’s sufferings and offered rainfalls without the Jade Emperor’s permission. After the Jade Emperor knew this, he imprisoned and suppressed Shennong in the "Dragon Pool Cave". The Slaying Dragon Table, Dragon Bed and Dragon Pool attractions still exist now. The spectacular Dragon King Temple has been standing at the entrance of it for over one thousand years. According to legends, the "Qingyun Cave" and "Baiyun Cave" are respectively the abodes of the green snake and white snake of the Legend of the White Snake. The villagers surnamed Xu now living at the foot of the mountain are said to be the descendants of Xu Xian (Hero of the Legend of the White Snake ). Renowned far and wide for its beautiful legends, it’s been a popular attraction which allures countless tourists for over a thousand years.

The advantaged Sandu Wonderland boasts luxuriant vegetation in spring, miraculous star-view in summer, wonderful red maple leaves in autumn and fascinating snows in winter. With picturesque sceneries everywhere, you will feel like that you’re travelling in the picture. In addition, it’s reputed that the Sandu Wonderland features the most tranquil landscape in the world.