• Sailing For Seven Miles
  • Sailing For Seven Miles
  • Sailing For Seven Miles
  • Sailing For Seven Miles
Sailing For Seven Miles
Name in Chinese :七里泷
Opening Hours:7:30-16:00
Admission Fee:135 yuan(Entrance Ticket: 85yuan; Boat Ticket: 50 yuan))
Telephone: 0571-64148042
Address:No.274, Zixu Road, Qiantan Town, Jiande County, Hangzhou City


As a key part of the national scenic spot, Fuchun River, Xin’an River, Qiandao Lake, and the Sailing For Seven Miles tourist area features beautiful mountains, clear water,  a long history and a serene environment. In May 2000, it was rated as the national green channel demonstration site by the National Green Committee. Reputed as the little Three Gorges within the tourism industry, it boasts wonderful landscapes that are similar to the Three Gorges. Hence, there is no need to visit the Yangtze River if you want to enjoy a Three Gorges view. As one of the three renowned river landscape districts that rival the Three Gorges and the Lijiang River in Guilin, it also has the rare national mountain-lake scenic area. Taking a luxury liner and floating downstream, you will experience lots of fantastic attractions such as little Three Gorges, Zixu Bench-land and Hulu Grand Cataract. What’s more, you can also enjoy the fish-dish feast in the local fishing villages.

Sailing For Seven Miles is also called as Qililong. With the wonderfulness of nature, rare fantastic mountains and tranquil environment, it’s the most beautiful place along the Fuchun River. With a length of 23 kilometers, it got its name because of an old proverb. The 70-mile-long river seems to be only seven miles when you sail downwind. With steep cliffs towering alongside the river, boating in the expansive river will make you feel like that you’re rowing in a picturesque fairyland. As one of the 36 green channel demonstration sites, it has four special features, namely, enjoying the Seven-Mile Sailing, viewing the Hulu Grand Cataract, experiencing the Yanling Culture and tasting the fish cuisine.

The distinctive feature of Zixu Bench-land lies within its serene sceneries. There is a historical story about it. In the Chunqiu Period, Wuzixu fled to here to escape being killed by King Ping of the Kingdom Chu. But the river was in his way and he couldn’t manage to cross it. Fortunately, a fisherman helped him and saved him. Zixu sent his treasured sword to extend his gratitude to the man who had saved him and asked him not to reveal the route he took. The fisherman cut his throat with that sword to keep his word. What an impressive and affecting story it is! The good reputation of that fisherman has been circulated ever since. The stone inscription “Zixu Bench-land” in the northern mountain is to commemorate this story. Zixu Ancestral Temple was built in 1999 by Fuchun National Forest Tourism, Ltd. The temple has the portrait of Wuzixu to cherish the memory of this general who was adept with both pen and sword. Secluded valleys, giant rocks, chirping birds, fantastic waterfalls, winding mountain paths, a marvelous suspension bridge, murmuring streams and vivacious fishes comprise the smashing landscapes of Hulu Grand Waterfal. It seems like an avalanche with great momentum, which will make you feel extremely intoxicated and cheerful.