Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Nansong Rock Scenic Spot
  • Nansong Rock Scenic Spot
  • Nansong Rock Scenic Spot
  • Nansong Rock Scenic Spot
Nansong Rock Scenic Spot
Name in Chinese :南嵩岩风景区
Opening Hours:8:00-16:30
Admission Fee:20 yuan
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Daxi Town, Wenling County, Taizhou City


With a volcanic vent landform from the Jurassic Period, Nansong Rock Scenic Spot is composed of three scenic spots – Fangshan Mountain, Nansong Rock, and Lion Peak, boasting natural landscapes, including precipitous mountains and sheer cliffs,fantastic peaks, deep valleys, plunging waterfalls, flowing streams, and countryside landscapes.

The summit of the Fangshan Mountain has a wide and broad heavenly platform. Throughout the year, it has a natural and giant hanging garden with picturesque scenic views. The peaceful, ever-changing landforms are well worth exploring.

Nansong Rock is blessed with a precipitous terrain, criss-cross faults and short rivers, which have given birth to the magnificent valley and landscape, with altitudes spanning from 60 to 100 meters. Furthermore, there’s a maple forest where you can witness a gorgeous view of red leaves all over the mountain side, and enjoy the tangy fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus in the autumn.

The Lion Peak is famous for its marvelous landscape. The main attraction – Lion's Head Peak, has an elevation of 309 meters and a majestic geography. What’s more, it boasts steep cliffs and fantastic peaks, which offer great viewing and exploring.