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  • Nanji Archipelago
  • Nanji Archipelago
  • Nanji Archipelago
  • Nanji Archipelago
Nanji Archipelago National Marine Nature Reserve
Name in Chinese :南麂列岛国家海洋自然保护区
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:100 RMB
Address:Aojiang Town,Pingyang County, Wenzhou City


Located in Pingyang County, Nanji Archipelago was rated by Chinese National Geography Magazine as one of the most beautiful islands in China and is the earliest UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in China. With magnificent mountains, fantastic stones, gorgeous beaches, fresh grasses and blue sky, it’s reputed as “Blue Meadow”, “Fairyland” and “A Kingdom of Shellfish and Algae” for its unique ecological environment, diverse species and abundant shellfish and algae. There are totally 52 islands in the area which are then divided into three scenic areas, Dasha’ao, Sanpanwei and Zhucai Islands. You can swim, ramble around the beach and play beach volleyball to please and relax yourself. The expansive beaches, salty sea breeze and continuous sea waves will make you reluctant to leave.

Suggestions: Nanji Island applies the real name system where tourists can only be allowed to enter with valid ID cards and tickets. It’s about a 1.5 hours’ trip to get there and you need to pay close attention to its schedule. Please carry some anti-seasickness medicine if you are seasick. As summer is a peak tourist season, it’s relatively hard to find hostels to stay in. You’d best make a reservation first if you are inclined to visit it.

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