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  • Mt. Jianglangshan
  • Mt. Jianglangshan
  • Mt. Jianglangshan
  • Mt. Jianglangshan
World Natural Heritage---Mt. Jianglangshan
Name in Chinese :江郎山
Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00
Admission Fee:100yuan
Address:Shimen Town, Jiangshan County


As a World Natural Heritage and national AAAAA level scenic spot, Mt. Jianglangshan is located in the southwest of Jiangshan County which is at the northern foot of Xianxia Mountains and the junction of Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces. It’s a typical example of the Danxia landform characterized by high isolated peaks. The main peak is 819.1 meters above sea level.

It boasts three treasures: Sanpanshi Peaks, Thin Strip of Sky and Mt. Langfeng Wonderland.

The most miraculous natural landscape of Mt. Jianglangshan is the SanpanshiScenic Spot which is composed of three Danxia isolated peaks with a height of about 300 meters standing on the 500-meter-high mountain. What’s more, it’s the largest and most magnificent red-bed isolated peak (Stone wall or pillar) and the deepest strip-shaped valley in the world. Visitors praise them as the most splendid Danxia landform in China. In addition, the best vantage point to view it is Danke Pavilion.

The impressive “thin strip of sky” (一线天) refers to the narrow gap formed between Mt. Yafeng and Mt. Lingfeng. The two mountains are similar in height, 305 meters and 298 meters, and the distance between them is about 25 meters at their highest point but only 3.5 to 5 meters at the bottom. It’s such an impressive view that experts cannot help regarding it as the best thin strip of sky in China.

You can also climb up the Mt. Langfeng with an average gradient of 88 degrees along the 3500 stone steps. Standing at the top to enjoy the cool breeze, you will have a panoramic view of the fantastic landscapes.  

Transportation: 1. Expressway: Take the Mount Huang-Quzhou-Nanping section of the Beijing-Taizhou Highway and drive away at Exit Mt. Jianglangshan, then drive along the Huaxia Road to arrive at the Shimen Town and finally reach the Mt. Jianglangshan.

2. National Road: Start off in the downtown and drive along the Jianghe Road, turn left at the Maoban intersection of No.205 National Road (about 20 kilometers away from the downtown) and drive ahead. You can also take the No.46 Provincial Road to drive into the Huaxia Road which leads to the Mt. Jianglangshan.

3. Bus: Take the No.202 Bus in the downtown and get off at the Mt. Jianglangshan Stop, walk for about five minutes to get to the tourist center and buy the entrance ticket. After that, you can enjoy the free transportation of the scenic spot.

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