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  • Mount Putuo Buddhist Campus
  • Mount Putuo Buddhist Campus
  • Mount Putuo Buddhist Campus
  • Mount Putuo Buddhist Campus
Mount Putuo Buddhist Campus
Name in Chinese :普陀山佛学院
Opening Hours:the whole day
Admission Fee:Free
Address:Xianglian Road, Zhujiajian Street, Zhaoshan City


With a 1,200-year-old Buddhist culture, Putuo enjoys a widespread reputation all the time. Morning recitals, studying bowing ceremonies, listening to masters explain scriptures and enjoying vegetarian dishes...This is the Buddhist life in Putuo.

If you want to try meditation in Putuo, then you can choose the Buddhist Academy of China, Mount Putuo Campus in Zhujiajian as your destination. Surrounded by water and mountains, it owns a Tang Dynasty-like architecture style and an exquisite layout. Lying opposite to the Mount Putuo-Buddhist Fairyland on the sea, it is far away from any hustle and bustle. Endowed with a secluded and comfortable environment, it’s like the paradise in the Taoyuanming’s poetry which few people know. Whether you go to the Zizai Guanyin Hall to transcribe the Heart Sutra, listen to Buddhist sounds, or ramble around the Buddhist campus, here you will be able to savor the Buddhist tranquility as you wish.

Tips: the campus is free to enter. Tourists and monks who come to the campus or Mount Putuo to burn incense or study Buddhism can stay in the Canxue Hall of the Buddhist Campus.