Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Ming’ao Terraces
  • Ming’ao Terraces
  • Ming’ao Terraces
  • Ming’ao Terraces
Ming’ao Terraces
Name in Chinese :茗岙梯田
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Ming’ao Village, Bilian Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City


Ming’ao Terraces are located in the southern Zhejiang Yongjia mountain region with an elevation of over 800 meters. It borders the South Zhejiang Mountain in the west and the East China Sea in the east. Thousands of years ago, taking advantage of the affluent water resources, our ancestors laid out the semi-lunar terrace with their primitive tools.   

As the photography base of China Photographers Association, Ming’ao Terraces consist of the Zhengshan Terrace and Ming’ao Terrace. Local photographers have also opened up several photography sites such as Waixu, Ming’ao, Nanshan and Zhengshan village for backlight shooting and panoramic photography.

Tips: If you choose to drive to Ming’ao, you can take Hang-Jin-Qu highway, then turn to the Zhu-Yong highway, drive down the highway at the Dananxi exit, head forward until you arrive at Ming’ao Village. The three treasures of Ming’ao that are worth tasting are Tea, Tianyu fish and Sweet potato mixed with Chinese dates.