• Longwu Tea Village
  • Longwu Tea Village
  • Longwu Tea Village
  • Longwu Tea Village
Longwu Tea Village
Name in Chinese :龙坞茶村
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:Free entrance. Some local families provide accommodation at RMB 30–50 per day per person.
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Shangchengdi Village, Longwu Town, West Lake District


Located in Shangchengdai village, Zhuantang Town, West Lake District, Longwu Tea Village is 15 km from the downtown. Next to the Zhijiang national tourist resort, it borders Dadou and Xiaodou Mountain forest in the west and large areas of tea gardens in the north and south, and with the tea plantation, it has a fresh and natural rural landscape. It’s rated as the West Lake dragon well tea protection base. It’s also an important part of the Bailongtan scenic spot in West Lake District. In November 2005, it was given the title of the country tourism model of Hangzhou by the City Tourism Committee.

Longwu Tea Village is divided into three parts: customs experiencing area, fitness area, and drinking area. With a backdrop of green mountains, small streams, tea gardens, mountain forests and villages, it boasts a miraculous ecological environment. As the special tourist resort, it’s also a synthesis consisting of a courtyard, tea garden and orchard, which offers services like entertainment, accommodation, catering and tourism. In this village, you will be given exposure to the tea culture to meet your pursuit of a healthy life.