• Liuxi River
  • Liuxi River
  • Liuxi River
  • Liuxi River
Liuxi River
Name in Chinese :柳溪江
Opening Hours:07:30~15:30
Admission Fee:80 yuan
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Heqiao Ancient Town, Lin'an County, Hangzhou City


As a National AAAA-level Scenic Spot, Liuxi River is located in Heqiao Ancient Town in Lin’an. The transportation is very convenient. It is 83 kilometers away from Hangzhou, 121 kilometers from Mount Huang and 70 kilometers from Qiandao Lake. Also, it’s only five kilometers away from the Changhua Exit of the Hang-Rui Highway.                           

In the mysterious West Zhejiang Land, there is a marvelous river that is surrounded by forests and mountains. The long history and natural charm of it adds radiance and glory. Liuxi River is honored as the most beautiful river in West Zhejiang.

Upstream there is limpid water and the expansive White Sand Silver Beach. In addition, there is also exciting entertainment such as Bamboo Rafting and Skin Rafting. Reputed as the Three Gorges in the West Zhejiang, the middle reach boasts fantastic mountains and grand spectacles. The lower reach hides a fishing village with picturesque landscapes, flying egrets and floating boats. The miraculous Liuxi River is waiting your arrival.