• Laokaixin Teahouse
  • Laokaixin Teahouse
  • Laokaixin Teahouse
  • Laokaixin Teahouse
Laokaixin Teahouse
Name in Chinese :老开心茶馆
Opening Hours:8:30-22:30
Admission Fee:Free
Address:No.1 Jixiangsi Alley, Xiaohe Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City


As an international tourism city, Hangzhou has paid more and more attention to the protection and development of the tourist cultures. Gongchen Bridge historic cultural block has been listed as the important protecting project by Hangzhou Government. Located at the west riverside of the Beijing – Hangzhou Canal, it was once a bustling place of the old Hangzhou. Lots of workers, craftsmen, fishing workers and stevedores are living here. Furthermore, it has retained the original forms of cultures and lifestyles of residents living in the period of the Republic of China, which has formed the special “Canal Culture”.

Located in the Gongchen Bridge historic cultural block, Laokaixin Teahouse was opened in 2011. It differentiates form the other teahouses because of the integration of tea cultures and Qvyi culture (Chinese folk art forms). There are folk Qvyi performances like Hangzhou Xiaorehun, Hangzhou Pinghua and comedies every day.