• Huiyin Korean Temple
  • Huiyin Korean Temple
  • Huiyin Korean Temple
  • Huiyin Korean Temple
Huiyin Korean Temple
Name in Chinese :高丽寺
Opening Hours:08:00-17:00
Admission Fee:Adult Ticket: CNY 20, Discount Ticket: CNY 10 (for children between 1.2 meters -1.5 meters, seniors between 60-69 years old and teachers with 30 years of teaching). Free of charge for children under 1.2 meters and seniors over 70 years old.
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Santai Street, West Lake District, Hangzhou City


Huiyin Korean Temple is located between Chishanbu and Yucen Mountain. It’s a special scenic spot, which pivots on temple architecture and religious cultures. It covers an area of 15,000 square meters, and its area of structure is about 2500 square meters. Built in 927, it was originally called Huiyin Temple. A Korean Buddhist monk called Yitian came to Huiyin Temple for dharma in 1085, and he donated so much sutra literature and investments that Huiyin Temple became famous. As a result, its name was changed to Huiyin Korean Temple. It was extremely prosperous during the Song and Yuan dynasties.

 However, it lain in ruins since the late Qing Dynasty, until 2007, when it was rebuilt. The reconstructed Huiyin Korean Temple has special meaning and value compared to other temples. Because of the great efforts of masters Jingyuan and Yitian, it has become the Buddhism teaching center of Huayan sect. It is also witness to the long history of China-Korea friendship. Hence, although Huiyin Korean Temple is not a historic building, it contains abundant cultural connotations. It has undertaken the responsibility of carrying forward the Buddhist culture and realizing cultural exchanges. So, it’s a scenic spot with the character of displaying religious cultures.