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  • Hangzhou Bay Flower Field
  • Hangzhou Bay Flower Field
  • Hangzhou Bay Flower Field
  • Hangzhou Bay Flower Field
Hangzhou Bay Flower Field
Name in Chinese :杭州湾海上花田景区
Opening Hours:08:30-17:00, from March to October 09:00-16:30, November to February
Admission Fee:Adult ticket: 110 yuan per person Discount Ticket: 55 yuan per person for children between 1.2 and 1.5 meters
Telephone:+86 575 81226767
Address:Binhai CBD, Shaoxing


Hangzhou Bay Flower Field Scenic Area is a national AAAA scenic spot which is located in Shaoxing City.
With the themes of coastal wetlands and sea of flowers in all four seasons, focusing on pastoral landscapes and creative farming, it boasts earth landscapes such as flower fields on the sea and colorful farmlands. What’s more, it’s also a relaxation center where you can experience the leisure idyllic country life.

During the May Day, the blossoms of Phlox subulata will be in full bloom. It’s a nice choice for you to enjoy the gorgeous flower view which is even better than the wonderful cherry blossoms.

Besides the glorious flower view, there’re various entertainment programs such as Ceramic Experiencing, Cross-country Kart, Magical Farm and Pedal-boat and so on. In addition, it also provides shows like Water-walk – using two moso bamboos to cross a river and Cormorant’s fishing show which tells a story between a fisher and cormorant.