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  •  Guoqing Temple
  •  Guoqing Temple
  •  Guoqing Temple
  •  Guoqing Temple
Guoqing Temple
Name in Chinese :国清寺
Opening Hours:07: 55-16: 35
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Guoxing Temple, Guoqing Road, Tiantai County, Taizhou City


With a location resting at the foot of the Huading Mountain, Guoqing Temple was built in the Sui Dynasty (A.D.598 year). As one of the famous ancient temples in China, it’s reputed as the birthplace of Chinese and Japanese Buddhism. In China, most ancient temples are located in valleys surrounded by mountains on three sides, but the Guoqing Temple is located in a fairy-like land which is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Even with crowds of tourists the temple remains peaceful.

Entering Guoqing Temple, literati can pay tribute to cultural relics and review the past; followers of Buddhism can burn incense, worship the gods and pray; and even the most impetuous of people will feel calm and peaceful whilst listening to the Buddhist chants.

Tips: Since May 19, Tiantai Mountain AAAAA-level Scenic Spot has cancelled all ticket charges and has opened for free. It is also the first AAAAA-level scenic spot to waive the charge in Zhejiang Province. Guoqing Temple offers vegetarian food at breakfast, lunch and dinner times and each meal ticket will cost you only two yuan. In addition, you can also sleep there. (Price is for reference only)

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