• Guiyu Restaurant
  • Guiyu Restaurant
  • Guiyu Restaurant
  • Guiyu Restaurant
Guiyu Restaurant
Name in Chinese :桂语山房
Opening Hours:9:00-22:00
Admission Fee:
Telephone:0571-87977677; 0571-86972737
Address:No.2-1, Manjuelong Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou City


Located next to the West Lake, Guiyu Restaurant has a wonderful environment, surrounded by the fragrance of Sweet Osmanthus in the flower season. This restaurant, hidden in the Banshan Mountain, is simple but exquisite, with its beautiful natural sceneries and fresh air you will definitely have a nice time here. What’s more, the outdoor terrace is a nice place to drink tea after lunch. The servers here are very hospitable, and they will happily explain every dish.
There is a variety of dishes in the restaurant. The cold appetizers are so distinctively displayed that you will be reluctant to eat them. The prawn curry and beef curry are highly recommended. The curry soup has added cream to make it taste more delicious and excellent, and it will lead you to endless aftertastes when eating with a rusk. The beef is dense and rich.