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  • Gongyu Terrace
  • Gongyu Terrace
  • Gongyu Terrace
  • Gongyu Terrace
Gongyu Terrace
Name in Chinese :公盂梯田
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Gongyu Village, Tianshi Town, Xianjv City


Praised as the last Shangri-La in East China, Gongyu is a basin surrounded by fantastic mountains with the elevation of about 1000 meters. It’s like an unsophisticated secret fairyland. Gongyu has lots of majestic and sublime stone pillars formed from centuries-long volcanic activity, and the terraces add soft and smooth features to the grand mountain scenery.

Gongyu Terrace is in the south of the village, and local residences are dotted in the layers of terraces. When it’s drizzling rain and shrouded in ethereal fog, the entire terrace looks like a fairyland. 

Tips: If you choose to drive to Gongyu, you can take Hang-Jin-Qu highway, then turn to the Zhu-Yong highway, drive down the highway to the Gongyuyan exit, head along the provincial road until you arrive at Gongyu Village. The terrace is in the south of the village. It’s a nice place to go hiking in autumn because of the glorious view of red maples in the Gongyu Ancient Path.

Recommended Travel Route: Qiankeng Village-Gongyu Village-Gongyubei-Linkeng.