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  • Giant Buddhist Temple
  • Giant Buddhist Temple
  • Giant Buddhist Temple
  • Giant Buddhist Temple
Giant Buddhist Temple
Name in Chinese :大佛寺
Opening Hours:08:00-16:30
Admission Fee:100 yuan
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:117 West Renmin Road, Chengguan Town, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City


With a history spanning more than 1600 years, the Giant Buddhist Temple was built in the East Jin Dynasty. It’s reputed as the “Dunhuang in the Yue state (Ancient Zhejiang Region)” for its huge Grotto Maitreya Buddha Statue and Thousand-Buddha Grotto. Unlike the golden Buddha statues, the bandage monks here are carved by stones. Excluding the brilliant and glorious design, it is blessed with an abundance of peace and serenity.

The Giant Buddhist Temple is surrounded by towering mountains and peaks. Carved during the Southern Dynasties, the magnificent and lofty Grotto Maitreya Buddha Statue is considered as the No. 1 Great Buddha in the south of the Yangtze River Delta. Next to it is the Thousand-Buddha Buddhist Temple which boasts 1075 small stone Buddha statues retaining the Six Dynasties-like style. No words or language can fully interpret the art of the statue and the harmony between the architecture and environment of the Giant Buddhist Temple. Only when you come here in person can you fully appreciate it.

Tips: entrance ticket: 100 yuan. Offer vegetarian meals.(Price is for reference only.)