Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Dongtou Nanbei Panshan mount
  • Dongtou Nanbei Panshan mount
  • Dongtou Nanbei Panshan mount
Dongtou Nanbei Panshan mountain
Name in Chinese :洞头南北爿山省级海洋特别保护区
Opening Hours:the whole day
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information recently
Address:Luxi village, Dongtou District, Wenzhou City


Located in the northeast of Luxi Island, Dongtou District, it consists of Beipanshan Island, Nanpanshan Island, Shuangpanmen Reef, Gejiao Reef and two nameless reefs. You can see birds all year round here. Especially in summer, which is the liveliest time of this island, hundreds of birds will hover in the air above it and the scene is actually extremely spectacular. The Nanpan and Beipan Islands are linked together. There are mainly thickets in the Nanpan Island which have attracted Egretta eulophotes and Buteo buteo to inhabit in it., while, with lush vegetation, the Beipan Island tend to tempt more jungle birds.

Suggestions: Don’t land on the island at will. Please leave the birds a quiet and clean place to live. If you really want to watch the grand view of the birds gathering, you can choose the sea cruise.