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China Academy of Art
Name in Chinese :中国美术学院
Opening Hours:08:00-22:00
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Nanshan Campus, Number 218,Nanshan Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou


Founded in 1928 as the first art academy with complete academic programs in China, China Academy of Art (CAA), although undergoing changes in name and location, continues to yield outstanding achievements known both at home and abroad. CAA has experienced early hardship, ample maturity, and leaping expansion as a vanguard in art. With a mission to revitalize Chinese art, it is in active dialogue with the world, and has great influence in the development of modern and contemporary art in China.

Nowadays the academy has expanded its departments and academic teams and has garnered tremendous achievements in the school history. The infrastructure of CAA has improved in unprecedented ways. With Nanshan Campus being finished in 2003, and Xiangshan Campus fully functional in 2007, covering an area of 1000 hectares and total space of 300,000 square meters, the academy now has three beautiful and well-equipped campuses in the cities of Hangzhou and Shanghai.

The serene views of the West Lake and the inviting vistas of the Xiangshan campus nurture the unique spirit of the academy, inspire a poetic dialogue between nature and mind, which also shaped the legacy of the academy. This peaceful natural environment beacons the individual to reflect and explore, to observe and to create. Thus, the spirit of China Academy of Art is not only composed of the picturesque landscape of the lakes and hills, but also of the minds and horizon of artists it fosters. The China Academy of Art has moved its campuses from Gushan Hill to Nanshan Hill and Xiangshan Hill. From hill to hill, conveying a strong sense of mission, a cultural responsibility and spirit, and a poetic tradition linked with the hills and water.