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  • 吉祥文化馆
  • 吉祥文化馆
  • 吉祥文化馆
  • 吉祥文化馆
Auspiciousness Culture Hall
Name in Chinese :吉祥文化馆
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Address:Hongyuan scenic area, xixi national wetland park, yuhang district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province


Throughout the ages, human beings have pursued auspiciousness and longed for peace. People express their pursuit of auspiciousness and desire through a variety of auspicious items, auspicious festivals, auspicious behaviors, and auspicious traditions. In the end, it has formed a Chinese traditional and excellent auspicious culture, which condenses the Chinese people's ethical feelings, life consciousness, aesthetic taste, and religious feelings. With a variety of auspicious patterns and mascots, the Auspiciousness Culture Hall demonstrates the long history of Chinese auspiciousness culture, with a focus on the auspiciousness culture and its manifestations in the Jiangnan area and the Wuchang area. At the same time, the rich souvenirs allow you to take home the auspiciousness culture while feeling the auspiciousness culture.

The hall is decorated with the color of festive Chinese red, with a touch of yellow, which is the symbol of the emperors and peace. In addition to these auspicious colors, we can also see auspicious patterns including paper-cuts with Chinese characteristics. They all contain some beautiful meanings. We can see the mascots of the zodiac signs from the paper-cut here, the Chinese wedding essential, “double happiness (囍)”, which symbolizes “Good things come in pairs”, and one dragon and one phoenix, which represents “Prosperity will be brought by the dragon and the phoenix”. In addition to these, there is a paper-cut showing a chicken standing on a stone, meaning the room is on the glory; the magpie is standing on the plum branch, meaning that “Happiness will appear on the eyebrows”. Such paper-cuts are common in China. They all represent a variety of auspicious meanings.

The Auspicious Culture Hall displays the Chinese mascots of different dynasties, the mascots of the Jiangnan water town, and some auspicious items that are closely related to the lives of the people in Xixi. The quaint jade, bronze ware, etc. are displayed in the hall, as well as some more characteristic mascot objects.

Recommended Touring Time:30 minutes