Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang Cuisine is one of the top eight cuisines of China, with an abundance of varieties: Hangzhou dishes, Shaoxing dishes, Ningbo dishes and Wenzhou dishes, a delicate style, fresh ingredients and a taste which is a mix of smooth, tender and crisp all in one.

The name of the teahouse is from a famous poem by Meng Haoran in the Tang Dynasty. Located in the beautiful Dongguan Lotus Pond in Xixi National Wetland Park, it is a comprehensive venue for enjoying...
Minglou Yafeng Tea House
Minglou Yafeng Tea House is a high-end tea house in Yiwu. The decorations and facilities are all exquisite. Guests can enjoy various kinds of snacks and tea here. This is a good place for business...
Nanxun Three-Cup-of-Tea House
Nanxun Three-Cup-of-Tea House sits in a two-story Ming-styled old residence alongside the river. The tea house borrows its name from the local snack, three cups of tea, which is one of the...
Niren Mi
Mi Fengguang is a famous clay figurine artist in Zhejiang. He studied art in Shaoxing. Since he is famous for clay figurines, people call him Niren Mi. Niren Mi café is located in Lu Xun Hometown...
Annvita Tea Room
Annvita is a Shanghai brand of tea rooms which has branches both here in China and overseas. Annvita is the quintessential embodiment of a Victorian afternoon tea in that it combines the century-old...
Green Bamboo Teahouse
According to most local residents, Beishan Road is the prime position in which to appreciate a variety of scenery. Whatever the season it is in this great location that you can capture the West Lake...