Taxis in Huzhou

In Huzhou, the starting fare is 8 yuan for the first 2.5km. Every additional kilometer will cost 2.5 yuan. For a one-way trip over 7km, an empty-car fee of 50% extra will be charged. For any trip less than 7km, empty-car fee is not allowed. During 10 pm to 6 am, the price will be higher. The kilometer cost will rise to 3 yuan, but the starting fare will remain the same. A waiting fee is also required. The accumulated waiting time less than 2 minutes due to traffic lights, traffic jams and the request of the passengers will be free of charge. But for the waiting time over 2 minute, a cost of 0.5 yuan per minute will be charged. For carpooling passengers, each needs to take 60% of the total fee.

Booking Tel: 0572-2219123

Complain Tel: 12306