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Guoqing Temple in Tiantai County
Guoqing Temple, as the cradle of the Tiantai Religion, loftily stands in the secular world, giving off the fragrance of the history. From sunrise to sunset, the temple maintains the quiet air of Zen.

Huading National Forest Park in Tiantai County
There are mountains of steep peaks here, as majestic as the 72 Peaks. Huading Mountain uniquely owns nearly 300 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) rhododendron fortunei, including hand-planting tea gardens where the tea is reputed as the “Emperor’s Wine Nourished by Gods”.

Great Deer Island in Yuhuan City
Great Deer Island wins the reputation of “the Kulangsu of Zhejiang Province and the Hawaii of Taizhou City”. There are steep cliffs, intertidal zones and caverns scattering all over the island. It is also called the “Jade of East Sea” for the forest coverage of the island is up to 87.6 percent.

●    Free for Guoqing Scenic Area and Folong Scenic Area on May 19th
●    Free for Great Deer Island Scenic Area from May 19th to May 20th; 40 percent discount for accommodation in the island
●    Half-price for Huading National Forest Park from May 19th to May 20th

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