Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Things to do in Zhejiang are aplenty. For those into dazzling cultures, the nine national historical and cultural cities of Zhejiang are great places to start. For those desiring enchanting natural scenery, West Lake, Thousand Island Lake and Mount Jianlangshan are pleasant to the eye. Need some adventures? Be sure to hike its many towering mountains. Craving outdoor activities? Damingshan Skiing Resort and Yonganshan Paragliding Base will give you what you want. Museums like China Silk Museum, China National Tea Museum and theme parks such as Hello Kitty Theme Park and Hangzhou Paradise Park will raise your fun to the next level.

Hefang Street
Located at the northern foot of Wushan Hill, Hefang Street originated in South Song Dynasty (1127-1279 AD) when Hangzhou was the national capital. It is located just several hundred meters away from...
Chinese Medicinal Material City
Chinese Medicinal Material City is the only large source of medicinal material and special local products wholesale in the Yangtze River Delta, and covers a large area of 285 acres, 45 of which is...
China Yiwu International Trade City
China Yiwu International Trade City, located in Yiwu City, is the landmark of Yiwu City, representing the modernization of Yiwu small commodity market. As the international currency, information and...
Haimen Old Street
One of the best kept secrets, few apart from the old Haimen people know this old street which witnessed the ups and downs of Taizhou over a period of a hundred years. retaining architectural styles...
Shuiting Street
The Three Streets and Seven Lanes in Shuiting Street is the most comprehensive historical block in Quzhou with numerous hidden gems of Quzhou style. The well-arranged Ma Tau Walls covered by rattan...
Dongyang China Woodcarvings City
Dongyang China Woodcarvings City, also known as the “Chinese Woodcarving Capital”, is located in Dongyang and covers an area of 410,000 sq m, making it the biggest market for wooden crafts and...