Railway Stations in Jinhua

At present, there are three stations in Jinhua city, Jinhua Railway Station, South Jinhua Station and East Jinhua Station. Only Jinhua Railway Station and South Jinhua Station serve as passenger stations.


Jinhua Railway Station

First built in Feb, 1932, this station was called West Jinhua Station. At the beginning, this station was a 20 square meter bamboo hub. The platform was 30 meters long and 2 meters wide. The railway was taken up by the Japanese invaders during 1942 to 1945. They dismantled the railway for the iron and bring the iron to the northeast. The railway goes through many times of reconstruction and restoration. Now the number of arrival and departure trains reaches 71 pairs. The annual passenger volume reaches 8.5 million and the volume of freight reaches 2.3 million tons. From December 10th, Shanghai high-speed rail Hangzhou to Nanchang section opened, and Jinhua entered the age of high-speed rail. Now the non-bullet trains go through the north station hall and the bullet trains go through the south station hall.

You can conveniently take bus No. 510, 11, 19, 24, 15, 16, 37, 528 to Jinhua Railway Station

Address: Houfeng Road 300

Tel: 057984974232


South Jinhua Station

South Jinhua Station was built in 1995 and was put into operation in June 11, 1996 when Jinwen Railway Jinjing section opened. The waiting hall was about 600 square meters and provided 500 seats. The station could accommodate thousands of passengers every day. This station was used as a freight station for a period of time. The construction of new South Jinhua Station was completed in November 2015 in order to cooperate to the launch of New Jinwen Railway. The floor area was extended to 5,887 square meters. The main part of the building is one-stored and parts of it have two stores.

You can take bus No. 16, 528 and BRT2 to the station.

Address: JInou Road, Jindong District, Jinhua

Tel: (0579)82150001