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13 Attractions in Quzhou
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Nianbadu Ancient Town in Quzhou City
Nianbadu Ancient Town has both idyllic landscape and splendid traditional culture. The old buildings which were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties are so well-preserved that tourists can appreciate the various styles and the delicate structures. Besides, some folk arts are well inherited by the local people from their forefathers, such as
antiphony of folk songs, Driving Land Boat –a kind of folk dance, marionette and so on.

Qianjiangyuan Forest Park in Kaihua County
The forest park, located in the headstream of the Qiantang River, has abundant natural and cultural resources. The density of negative oxygen ion is high, sometimes up to more than one hundred thousand per cubic centimeter at highest level. It is such a beautiful scenic area with layers of green hills, clear water, luxuriant forest and magnificent waterfalls.  Besides, the steep valleys and rugged cliffs draw tourists’ attentions. In the hot summer, the green barriers of forests and mountains are popular summer places.

Sanqu Stone Forest in Changshan County
Sanqu Stone Forest is the mother mountain of Quzhou City, featured with the karst landform. There is a wooden cable bridge suspending between two peaks. It looks dangerous but only brave people can enjoy the most magnificent scenery of mountains.

●    Free for 13 attractions including Nianbadu Ancient Town, Qianjiangyuan Forest Park and Sanqu Stone Forest on May 19th

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