Public Buses in Ningbo

There are many public buses plying in Ningbo and it is most convenient to go to scenic areas by bus. There is also a tourist route designed for the city including Buses No.238, No.371 and No.560.

Most of the bus lines charge between CNY 1-2 and involve self-service ticketing. If you do not have enough change, you can ask the drivers for help.

Some bus ticket fares are charged in accordance with the distance of the line and are usually over CNY 2 but lower than CNY 7.
Most of the bus lines run in intervals of 4~20 minutes. Few lines run in intervals of 20~70 minutes. The operating hours are always from 5:00 to 22:00. There are also night bus lines in the city which run only after 18:00 and continue until 23:00 at night.